Chemical safety data sheet

Your guarantee of unimpeded sale of chemical products throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan

According to the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On safety of chemical products" No. 302-III from July 21, 2007, the manufacturer, supplier, importer (in the case of the presence of trade missions in the region) must produce chemical products at the authorized body of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Chemical products not registered in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall not be allowed to circulation.

An applicant (manufacturer, supplier, importer) supplying chemical products for placement on the market must accompany it with a safety data sheet.

The safety data sheet of chemical products is a document that is a mandatory part of the technical documentation for chemical products, the main purpose of which is to provide consumers with information on the safety of industrial use, storage, transportation and disposal of chemical products, as well as its use for domestic purposes.
For each company producing products with the same name, an individual safety data sheet of a substance is developed, since Products with the same name, but from different manufacturers, may differ significantly in properties.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW:  A safety data sheet of chemical products is issued and registered before the delivery of goods to the market.

When you receive a safety data sheet, you can:

  • To sell chemical products in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Participate in tender purchases
  • Receive subsidies according to fertilizer cost subsidy rules
  • Strengthen consumer and partner confidence in your products.

Safety data sheet valid for 5 years

Our experts will quickly and competently help you develop a safety data sheet and register chemical products with an authorized body of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • Development of safety data sheets for chemical products
  • Development and registration of safety data sheets of chemical products
  • Updating and re-registration of chemical safety data sheets
  • Re-registration due to the expiration of the passport

Who needs to receive a safety data sheet: 

  • Manufacturers
  • Importers
  • Suppliers
  • Dealers

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