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Environmental standards from the CSD Center are relevant environmental protection documents at the junction of ready-made technical solutions and legislative requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We develop:

  • National standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Standards of organizations (including regulatory-technical documents of the organization)
  • Instructions, manuals and other regulatory and technical documents

Your benefits

When you receive a standard development service from us, you can:

  • Implement the latest technologies in the field of environmental protection that meet the mandatory requirements of the legislation of Kazakhstan
  • Comply with the latest international requirements
  • Reduce costs by introducing new procedures and rules
  • Increase confidence of potential partners / investors / government to your business
  • Increase brand reputation

Our experience

More than 30 standards, including:

  • Standard ST RK “Waste. Motor vehicle tires. Safety requirements when handling."
  • Standard ST RK “Waste. Waste oil and oily waste. Safe Handling Methods
  • PS CSD-01-2018 “Specialized enterprises dealing with production and consumption waste. General requirements" 
  • ST SRO KazWaste 01-2018 "Qualification requirements for specialized enterprises for the treatment of production and consumption wastes" 
  • Draft Standard ST RK “Resource Saving. Waste management. Accounting and control of the mercury-containing waste movement. The main provisions."
  • Draft standard ST RK “Waste electronic and electrical equipment. Safety requirements when handling.”
  • "Methodical recommendations on the application and implementation of the Technical Regulation “Requirements for emissions into the environment when burning various types of fuel in boilers of thermal power plants "

Our partners: 

  • Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the RK
  • Ministry of Energy of the RK
  • Committee on Statistics of the MNE RK
  • Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Certification 
  • Republican Scientific and Technical Library
  • Higher education institutions: Nazarbayev University, Narxoz University, Satbayev University, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, KGU, AUPET, KazNAU, InEU

Development of standards and other regulatory documents require a competent approach and the necessary practical knowledge. Rely on professionals with more than 10 years of experience in this field and receive your documents as soon as possible without delay.

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